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Florida's mild climate derives from the fact that the state is a subtropical peninsula almost surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. These bodies of water exercise a moderating effect in both the summer and winter. The average January temperature ranges from approximately 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the northwest to 60 degrees Fahrenheit at the southern tip, and 71 degrees Fahrenheit in the Keys. Summer temperatures average between 80 and 83 degrees in all sections, so be sure to drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids during daytime hours, especially when you are active.

Since no point is more than 60 miles from salt water or more than 345 feet above sea level, Florida does not have an extremely dry climate. On the contrary, it has a moist climate especially in the summer when it can get quite muggy. In summer the rainfall averages from 7.7 inches in the central region to 6.7 inches in the northwest.

Orlando City Guide

Clothing is usually casual in this state where recreation is one of the major activities and industries. Cool, comfortable attire is appropriate during the day, with beach wear suitable in coastal regions. Wearing a hat outdoors helps alleviate some of the heat during the summer months. A wind breaker may be handy for nights with gentle Florida breezes, especially after a full day of fun in the sun. Sportswear is popular at night although formal attire may be required at some of the more elegant restaurants and resorts. Generally, clothing should be chosen for its coolness and ease of maintenance. In the northern region during the winter months, a sweater or light jacket would be appropriate for cool days or evenings.

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