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General Information

Florida has emerged as a global gateway, with every region easily accessible by jet or car. Now you can explore Florida from coast to coast in comfort and style suited to any budget. Wherever you travel, you will experience a state that has mastered the present, preserved the past and prepared for its starring role in the future.

Orlando City Guide

Florida is a very special place. Nowhere else will you find the buzz of international cities so close to the hush of pristine parks. Nowhere else will you find a spaceport parked in the middle of a wildlife refuge. Nowhere else will you find a place where you can camp at the edge of a spring-fed stream, then within minutes, choose among hundreds of breathtaking rides and spectacular shows. Nowhere else can you relax in a subtropical climate - cooled and pampered, stimulated and sunbathed - and be assured of the safety and convenience of vacationing in the United States.

Come play in the sun, explore the miles of golden beaches, be amazed by more entertainment and fun than can possibly be measured, and soak in a history that goes back over 400 years.

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