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Recreation Lands

More than 27 first-magnitude springs mark the spots where powerful underground rivers reach the surface. Hundreds of other springs bubble up in the North and Central regions to create their own version of Eden and tempt swimmers and divers. Near High Springs, the Santa Fe River disappears underground and flows for three miles before re-emerging. In Northwest Florida, you can climb through spooky caverns that drip with strangely hued stalactites. The huge shallow bowl of Lake Okeechobee dominates the heart of the state, and 30,000 other lakes of varying sizes are distributed in every region, each a fishing and boating paradise.

This precious and delicate legacy has been preserved for you to share. State, federal and local parks protect 24 rivers, thousands of lakes, millions of acres of forest, and the incomparable Everglades. Wildlife refuges and aquatic preserves have been established so that you can share the unique beauty of Florida's 1,300 mile, sunny shoreline and the living coral reefs off the Florida Keys.

Orlando City Guide

Florida boasts numerous parks and recreation lands. From the islands and reefs in the Florida Keys on the southernmost tip of the state to a forest of pine, hardwood trees, swamps, rivers, sinkholes and springs in the northwest, the millions of acres that compose Florida's parklands are waiting for you to enjoy. Camping, swimming, picnicking, boating and snorkeling, as well as just plain exploring, are all there to be experienced in the midst of surrounding natural beauty. So come on and enjoy our state. You will be glad you did.

For more information concerning our parkland, get in touch with the Florida Division of Tourism.

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