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Traveling Around Orlando

To date going to Orlando through plane is very popular. Orlando International Airport is among the 3 airports caring for the metroplex. It hosts 31 million passengers yearly and one of the high standard airports in Orlando constantly elected among the top 5 in their area for customer satisfaction. The airport is serviced with over 37 carriers and over 60 continuous arrivals including connecting flights coming from U.S. as well as international destinations regularly. Available also are private carriers. Sanford International Airport is the abode of small fleet of International carriers.

Orlando is situated along east central Florida on the Interstate 4. Many travelers from southeast find it effortless to drive to the city. Interstate highway system makes everything more convenient for vacationers.

Amtrak operate passenger trains going to Orlando. A car train is also available beginning from Lorton VA for people who wish to bring their own vehicle but do not prefer to drive to Orlando. If you are not going to stay in Walt Disney World then you will have to bring your car though taxis, limos, horse draw carriages and buses are also available. For a more convenient method to arrive at your destination, obtain a car. Be reminded also that traffic jams may usually occur similar with any other big cities.

If you will remain at WDW, all the things that you want to achieve is just some steps away, and transportation around WDW is usually available. WDW transportation system includes bus, water taxi, monorail, or ferry. You offer the freedom of huge savings on gas, parking and rental fees. This operates around the entire Walt Disney properties until the night. Put in mind Walt Disney World covers 47 square miles and just a portion of Orlando.

Some of the larger hotels in the city provides shuttle service going to theme parks and airport, but remember because some of this shuttle service may offer their service for free or with charge so you better do some researching. The preference of bringing your own vehicle would be an optimal choice if you are going to stay in Orlando.

Orlando City Guide

Although you prefer to remain in WDW, getting your own car may be a better choice. There are more matters to look upon before making your final decision. Some of these grounds are the time of year, when it is holiday season or peak season for vacationers going to places; this would make longer lines until you gain ground transportation. Check out where you want to stay around the city or where you can have easier access to the target destination. Know how long you are going to stay for a vacation. Choose to bring your own car because it will be easier for you to get to places you want to see. Think about the things that your family would want to bring along the trip. Bringing of excess equipments such as stroller and other things can be a hassle to a convenient travel.

Think about the suggestions that are written above and believe that transportation is a vital part of the whole vacation in Orlando.

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